Aluminum Boyd Booms and Extensions

    Boyd Ag provides an upgrading solution for your booms on your sprayer equipment with Full Aluminum Booms and Extensions.
    The Boyd Boom™ has been constructed to be studier for the more diverse farm and commercial market condition of North
    America. Aside from the more obvious reasons of a lighter overall sprayer weight, larger swath, increase in machine control and
    better allocation of horsepower, the Boyd Boom™ further and most importantly cuts down on operation hours. Less hours on a
    machine allow the operator a significantly higher trade in value and less physical deterioration of equipment.

    As for extensions, Boyd Ag offers a 120' Aluminum Boyd Extensions designed to extend your 90' or 100' boom to 120'. These
    extensions are built  for John Deere Sprayers 4720, 4730 and 4830. We also offer 60/90' and 60/100' Replacement Extensions for
    the same John Deere models for those that  need to replace the secondary and breakaway due to damage or function failure. For
    Case Sprayers, we also offer a 120' extension that is built for most Case Sprayers that fold over the top and just like the John
    Deere 120' Extensions, it is installed at the 60' mark.

    We recently introduced our T-150 - 150' Aluminum Telescoping Boyd Boom™ with the ability to spray anywhere from 80' to 150'.
    With in time, this telescoping boom will be offered in 132'.

    In addition to our aluminum booms and extensions, Boyd Ag offers the Bobtail Center Rack. The Bobtail is designed to give the
    operator total individual height control for each boom wing. It's free floating and self centering.

    Boyd Ag also offers:

Accessories needed for the booms which include (but not only):
    Attachment Brackets
    Swing Arms
    Hydraulic Cylinders
Paint: Military Buff Primer
Powder Coating: Black
Stainless Steel Plumbing
On-site installation and Service
Manufactured in the Mid-West in well-established ISO 9001 Facilities

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Submitted by: D.M., June 10, 2014
Your Boom is great, you can't have it back!!! ... We thank you for a great product.

Submitted by: J.B., Sept. 29, 2012
Extensions are working very well. I don't want to jinx them but they are flawless this season...We would definitely buy again.